Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I got my one and only christmas gift last night. It was left at my door. I opened it to find a soft, bruised apple. Without a card attached, I did what any self-respecting New Yorker would do - 86'd it.
Later that night i found out that this building has some odd tradition of leaving random wrapped items in front of each other's doors on holidays as an act of kindness. I'm still not removing the apple from the garbage. Zot! ('weird' in Flemish.)
Today i woke up with just a slight tummy pain. Whatever I ate finally made its way out of my system. I spent the day recovering nonetheless. Went for a ride on the trainer while watching French News on the television - i think James Brown died.
Then i washed my wheels in the sink and took the rest of the bike parts downstairs to finish the job with the fire hose.
My friends hilde and mark drove me to registration in the evening to pick up my race numbers for tomorrow's world cup since the race is only twenty minutes from my home - assuming you drive 160kph weaving in and out of the cars as they do here. Numbers were delayed so Geoff Proctor, US coach of the beloften and jrs, came to my rescue, offering to bring the numbers to the race tomorrow so i wouldn't have to sit around in a small food hall waiting to get them.
In preparation for tomorrow's race, I had oversized bowls of salad and pasta for dinner and a ProBar for dessert - yum!
Happy Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Santa is still in the air and I know he has more than an apple waiting to become cider for you.