Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wanna know what i'm doing in Belgium?

Click HERE!
The link takes you to a video interview of me created by CTodd. Happy viewing! I hope you are just as entertained as I was.

By the way, I am writing from NYC. The weather has been dry but VERY cold. I expected it would be chilly, but the temperature is consistently lower than it is in belgium. Even with two pants, four sweaters, a tee, vest, neck gator, hat, gloves two pairs of socks and winter jacket, the cold air cuts right through to my bones, making it feel as if there is a long metal rod stapled to my spine.

Many photos to come...


erikv said...

I liked the video interview, very fun to watch. And truth be told, I really wanted to see the inside of your 'fridge. I envisioned kale and chard shooting out through every shelf opening, but it was surprisingly tidy. The only explanation is you need to eat more ;)

Anonymous said...

that's neat!

GCDavid said...

I can't believe you let CTodd know where you live. Very brave.

Anonymous said...

For his next interview of you, CTodd should use The Daysleepers' "Big Sleep" for the music.
-- E.C. Chamberlain

PEANUT said...

Before CTodd arrived, i hid the kale, chard, dulse, starfruit, maca, hemp, green tea seed oil, sprouted mung beans and wheatgrass to the back of the fridge so he wouldn't be intimidated by a plant-based diet.
OK, i'm lying. I actually eat simple, easily accessible foods. On occasion i do eat kale and chard, but that's as far as i usually go in the 'exotic food' direction. With a heavy travel program, simplicity works best for me.

Big Sleep would have surely been appropriate.

By the way, CTodd was a very tame guest, although i did find it strange that he spent the following day after he left perched on the fence across the street - binoculars in hand.