Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thought this was cute

Johan S took a photo of this poster he found in a bathroom in USA.


Rickie Rainwater said...

I can't wait to use that line sometime soon. Ha! Thanks Jonas! If all goes well, I should have the bike ready to roll at the end of thursday on the 19th. I have decided to convert it to a 7 speed which I have a nice cassette especially made for climbing. The head set is good, so I'm staying away from it. I am using a cartrigde bottom bracket, 7 speed rapid fire shifters. Keeping the breaks, and a specially designed back derailer that will fit the frame which does not have a conventional drop out. I hope you both enjoyed the family visit. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Reminds me of the old 'love is...' cards.

Came 4th in the local club TT at the weekend. Round two this Saturday coming, let's see if I can 'podium'... If so I may buy a TT bike rather than riding on the cross bike :)

How's your 'transition' going?

PEANUT said...

Sounds like it will be a nice bike rickie!
CONGRATS Chris! Yeah, a TT bike could be a good idea, especially if you enjoy them. It is so much more fun on a correct bike.
Transition is going ok. I am doing 2 hrs a day therapy, a bit of riding, little projects that i've put off, and now preparing for a trip to CA. Thanks for asking.

Rickie Rainwater said...

Christine, the bike came out pretty good and my friend Heidi really was happily surprised. Very difficult and a little expensive, but I definitely enjoyed reviving something she loved in her younger years. In her words, " I just loved that bike and I use to ride it 25 miles a day in Oregon." So, it was a great experience, and I'm glad I could do something to make someone's day, especially for someone that doesn't have much. I hope you guys are enjoying the US visit.