Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pétange, Tervuren, New Writing Gigs, Parties and Workouts (of course)

If you want to know what i've been up to at the last two races, CLICK HERE.  It will take you to my latest stories on CYCLOCROSS Magazine.

I also started writing for a new client, .
My first article was on Holland's Gerben De Knegt. Click HERE to read it.
My second article was on Belgium's Bart Wellens.  Click HERE to read it.

I also wrote CYCLOCROSS Magazine pre-Nationals exclusives on Belgium's Sven Nys and Holland's Lars Boom .  The Sven Nys one is HERE and the Lars Boom should be HERE shortly.

Scheduled for next week are a few more big cross names so keep your eyes on CYCLOCROSS Mag and

As for the workouts, they are going a bit better.  The rib is healing nicely, eye infections are almost gone, pancake-sized bruises on the legs are fading and spirits are lifted.  Jonas has been especially helpful with that last one, keeping me entertained during the workouts. Thanks to the neverending rain that's keeping the roads covered with a shiny layer of ice, all my rides lately have been indoors.  Most trainer workouts jonas has been riding side by side with me on the trainer while we play the music real loud and sing offkey at the top of our lungs - when i'm not burying myself in intervals, of course.  He even joins me on the snow runs.  The last run yesterday we chased each other a bit, had an impromptu dance contest while skipping to the beat of different iPod tunes, and made shapes in the snow with footprints. Two of Jonas' shapes was a heart and a rabbit while two of mine were a dinosaur and a drill.

Tomorrow is Belgian Championships so i have the day off. I really like racing in this kind of weather so i'm a little bummed but that's how it goes.  I'm probably better off so i can have a few more days of non-racing to let the body rebuild - or whatever it needs to do. My next race is January 13 in Surhuisterveen, Holland.

Thanks for reading - AND for all your kind words of support!!!


Anonymous said...

Singing whilst on the trainer, you are obviously not training too hard!

Great that you are now writing for, the whole of the cycling world will know your name! It just makes it harder for us fans to keep abreast of all af your work!

Oh and I just read your article on Cxmag, the one called "the unintentional striptease"

Funny! Men’s legs!!! At least he wasn’t meaning that they were HAIRY!!!

I’ll bet he was 'puzzled' about your intentions when you said, half naked in the same shower room as him, “Hey, I’m your facebook friend!”. Priceless!.

Reminds me of a girl I used to swim with. I swim every Monday evening at our local pool and I struck up conversation with a girl that always shared my lane. Once we finished our workouts our conversations would continue into the showers. After a few weeks I was out on my bike and stopped at a local cake/coffee shop for sustenance. A woman walked upto me, somehow she looked familiar. She said “hi”, I responded but looked puzzled. She said “you don’t recognise me, do you?”, “swimming, Monday nights”. “Oh” I blurted, “I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on!”

Good job we weren’t with our respective partners, there may have been some difficult explaining to do!

Anonymous said...

I love riding in this weather too, I gather like us you have plenty of snow! I can't belive they cancelled the British National champs!!! How can we ever be taken seriously as a force in eth cross world if we are scared of abit of snow, the begians and the dutch didn't seem to mind!

Don't suck tomorrow! :)

kelly said...

Hi Christine!! I feel so happy to read your thoughts!! You gave me an idea of what magazine are good to get. Thanks!! (I love cycling too but not competitively as I am lazy! lol )

Good luck to your race in Holland. I am rooting for you to win (actually, it won't matter so much if you win but winning is always a boon!)

May you be blessed for everything your heart desires! I'll visit you again n also !!


P.S. Thank you for finding me in my blog - was not expecting it so it's a very pleasant surprise for me!!

This smile won't get off my face so easily now! Now, I have bragging rights you visited me!!! lol

PEANUT said...

Thanks Kelly for your very kind words!!!!
And sorry chris and kelly for the spam! it is unreal how fast they find my posts and comment on them, considering they are probably computer generated comments. Anyway, i have turned on a "awaiting approval" option on this blog which allows anyone to comment unmoderated for a week or so. seems i have to cut the time down to maybe a day or two. again, so sorry. And chris, if i made spelling errors, would you still take ME seriously? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Looking at my comment above I have no room to talk! My fingers move faster than my brain! erm... i think!

Still, of course I would take you seriously, however I may not but financial services from you!

Big Bad Wolf said...

Just read this. Hope all your injuries heal quickly. Another broken ribiied biker in action tomorrow in Roubaix. Watch out for Niels !