Sunday, March 6, 2011

Offseason Blues

OK, well not exactly feeling blue but it is strange to be off the bike for so long.  I don't think it would be as strange if, with the bike, i also abandoned everything that  comes along with it - the routine, habits and lifestyle.

Last night, Jonas called from work during a night shift. His parting words were, "Go to bed on time." Normally the unspoken words that followed were "so you can be fresh in the morning for training."  But without a scheduled training the next day, I responded, "On time for what?"  He tripped over his words and the phone call ended in confusion. 

When i got off the phone with him, I remembered that it was a Saturday night. Shouldn't "Saturday night" have a special meaning during my three weeks off the bike? I read on Facebook all the exciting plans in store for everyone, but i was going to bed on time.



Anonymous said...

Don't be blue, embrace it, the three weeks will fly by. :)

Saturday, ha... my saturday evening plans involved a run. Yeah, running past the various pubs and bars on my usual 10k route. All heaving with people seemingly having a better time than me? I wonder what they think as they see me passing...

PEANUT said...

HA! They are thinking you are a fool for not getting all your exercising out of the way during the week so you can party with them.