Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Cyclo-Cross Race under the Belt

by Romina Tierlinck
by Romina Teirlinck
Well, it didnt go as wildly wrong as it did in my imagination the days leading up to the race. In fact it was almost pleasant - i say almost because sunny skies with 30°C temps and strenuous efforts don't really play well. It was a strange feeling to have cotton mouth within thirty seconds of the start of a cyclocross race, especially one in Belgium. Thankfully the temps qualified for bottle feeds, but by the time i made it to the pits my mouth was so dry i was afraid that the watered-down energy drink that Jonas especially made for this weather was going to be too thick. Good thing i trusted him as it went down very well.

Although delerious from the heat by the end, I ended up 2nd. I must admit it felt great to stand on a podium again...and to be joined by two strong gals whom i admire. I was also pleased with my general sensations on the bike. I am clearly not with any real form yet but this event gave me hope that i can have some decent fitness in a month from now for the first two World Cup events in Czech Republic.

by Robert Goedgezelschap
Thanks to all of you who continue to believe in me and a special thanks to those who made it to the race to cheer me on! I felt like a rockstar, albeit a sweaty soggy one!

by Patricia Cristens


Big Bad Wolf said...

Hey Christine, looks almost like a summers race. Whats the deal with the bike? Is it a Stevens like your road bike? Why the special decals?

PEANUT said...

Hey A:
Yes, just got my bikes yesterday. Only one is fully built at the moment. if you go to jonas (bruffaerts)'s page you'll see it. i will put photos of my bike up on the blog once i put bar tape on - a better look! Still trying to figure out my bar tape colors - maybe blue on one, red on another , and white or black on the last one... The special decals are to cover up my previous bike sponsor since they are no more - and in honor of stevens of course :-)