Thursday, January 19, 2012

TOUR OF CYPRUS - are YOU ready for the challenge???

Want to kickstart your season? Or get perfect preparation for an upcoming Gran Fondo event?  Then this is the perfect workout experience!!

I did this two years ago.  The memories i have from it will last forever which is why i am telling you about it!

It is a three-day stage ride/race from Friday through Sunday, March 23-25, 2012
Day 1 - 80km
Day 2 - 120km
Day 3 - 115km
Click HERE for the maps/charts

They offer two groups to join:

1. Cycling for glory - with timed sections where you can challenge yourself against the clock, claim the win of the day or even win the coveted leader's jersey
Each day, a timed section of about 20km or so is scheduled in the middle of the 80-120km ride.

2. Cycling for personal glory - same routes as the other group but no timed sections.

There are feed zones along the way with standard staples like bananas, etc but they also include exotic snacks that you'll want to stuff yourself with!

You can also extend your visit to make it a long holiday - contact organizer for help with this.

At the moment, flights are cheap to Cyprus so book NOW!!

Click HERE for Registration
Click HERE for more info


Anonymous said...

Hey Sunshine! Are you doing this 'race' again this time around. I remember you loving (winning) it last time! It sounds fantastic.

Hope you are well!

PEANUT said...

Hey chris - if you go, i'll go!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I seriously need a kick start... tempted... :)

I am actually thinking of taking a few days off to ride similar mileage, not sure I can make Cyprus though.

PEANUT said...

Hey Chris
tickets are really cheap right now to cyprus and i think cyprus airlines gives a 20% discount or something. if you visit tour of cyprus on facebook (their event page), there is more info.
That would be cool if you made it!!