Friday, January 26, 2007

Musseeuw and I busted in the same week...

There was no denying that i was guilty. I was caught red-handed - with the oversized fire hose in hand while washing my bikes downstairs at the entrance of the converted monastery.
I plead ignorance and pulled the I'm just a girl, please help me attitude and it worked (contrary to Parbo's opinion that i am too old to use that card! Neener, neener!)
It turned out well. The building manager was very helpful and showed me a spicket where i can attach a hose. Now i have to buy a hose but at least i will soon wash the bikes without sending them across the parking lot from the powerful flow of the firehose.

I'm now off to meet up with the rest of the US National Team so I can join them in tension building activities like team meetings, group meals. Any time you put a bunch of highly competitive athletes in the same room, all thoughts seem to be on the big event whether or not it is actually talked about aloud. I would bet it helps our preparation somehow.
Today we are taking team photos at 1, leaving to pre-ride the course at 1:30, riding the course 2-4, cleaning up and eating at some point after that. I heard that nobody will be allowed to ride the course prior to competition to preserve the ground. If this is the case, i'm looking forward to seeing the mud trenches paralleling the whole course. The poor spectators will have a fun time trying to walk along the course day of race. Bring your tallest wellys!


Tiina said...

Hi Christine! Good luck on the World Champs!! I am your new (Finnish)team mate from Pruneaux d'Agen. :-) Looking forward seeing you on the training camp. Have a great race! -Tiina-

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wave for the cameras

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