Sunday, January 21, 2007

My bikes and I did not play well together

I was on my way to a respectable result that the Hoogerheide World Cup today when my chain decided it couldn't take the pressure and hid out between my chainring and frame. I pulled, tugged, coerced, begged, prodded, poked and kicked until it finally came back out to join in the fun. As i approached the pit, I traded in the bike for the other. Unfortunately it too was suffering from stage fright as it wouldn't shift. We both rolled in at 33rd. I think the debacle was my bikes' way of helping me to save energy for the World Championships next week. I really put Serge (tired guy on left of photo) to work today as i handed him a broken bike every lap.

Luckily other USA gals did well to offset my day. Katie Compton posted a 10th place in her first CX world cup, while Rhonda Mazza and Dierdre Winfield rode strong to finish 19th and 29th respectively.

Towards the end of our race, it started to hail - miniature snowballs pummeled us. Shortly thereafter, the sky fell down (photo below taken from INSIDE car on way home.) The guys' event must have been so miserable.
Jonathan Page kicked butt while Ryan Trebon finished up there too - both top TEN! Erik Tonkin (photo left) and Tristan Schouten put in fabulous results as well.

I hate to admit it but today i had more fun POST-race. While i waited for Serge to return from washing the bikes, I stood by the car with my two supporters (see photo on left). As we watched the people walk back to their cars, the guy was pointing out all the famous faces in the crowd - so-and-so was the famous Tour de France winner from Netherlands, so-and-so was that famous racer back in the 50's. But as soon as he said, "And that's Johan Museeuw" I ordered him to grab him for a photo. As soon as we were face to face, I turned into a little kid standing in front of her ultimate hero. "When i was learning to race a bike, I watched all your videos. You're the best. I loved how you won the world championships in Lugano by riding in front on the climb. You are the smartest rider that ever lived! You're the best" Of course i said all this while jumping up and down like a kid having to pee. I'm surprised the photo (see left) looks subdued because it was really an action shot as i bounced around in excitement. Sorry Anton and Tom, but you have been replaced.

Thanks for reading! AND thanks for all your comments, thoughts, good vibes and number combinations to make the degree icon. I have tried every one of them but to no avail. God Verdomme!


Nrjetik1 said...

Sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you made the best of the situation...Save it for next week ~ Good luck!

amy said...

We need to hear more about the nastiness of the course!! I saw a youtube video of the descent followed by u-turn in the men's race - looks like fun!!!