Friday, February 16, 2007

Cross Racing in VEGAS

Not more than two weeks after the Vegas Cross Race was announced, flyers started to appear in Belgium - AND in Dutch language! They may just get a large European contingent since it intentionally coincides with the Vegas Interbike Show.

The euro-racer mechanics will ESPECIALLY love that they will most likely be welcome to enter the event site WITHOUT having to pay entry fee to do their job. At many of the cyclo-cross races this season, the pro mechanics were forced to pay an entry fee as if they were attending the race as a spectator. Unfortunately, when you put hard-working mechanics who are trying to do their jobs together with untrained security goons with too much ego and not enough respect for cycling, you get a lot of conflict. I've personally witnessed a few of these hand-to-hand combats and it's unnerving and even scary!

This Sunday, at the last cyclo-cross race of the season to be held in Oostmalle, Belgium, there will be a group protest. All the mechanics will walk into the race site together, past the security goons without paying the "spectator entry fee".

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