Monday, February 5, 2007

I'll just go get a haircut today...

yeah, right. There is nothing easy about getting a haircut in Belgium. You'd think otherwise considering there are as many hair salons (kapsalon in dutch) as there are bars here. (oh, side note, do not call the cafes "bars" when you are here because a bar has a different meaning - it is another name for a girly-girl go-go joint.)

After swinging by a dozen kapsalon joints, I got the hint that they keep the same hours as museums in NYC. Closed monday. That dilemma is easily enough remedied. I'll return tomorrow.

BUT once i am strapped into the salon chair, the challenge begins. I must figure out a way to get the point across that I do NOT want a "belgian-style" haircut (no mullets which doesn't even look good on Tom Boonen, no one-side-longer-than-the-other-just-because-i-part-my-hair-to-one-side, and absolutely no beard trims.)

Last time - actually the ONLY time - I got my hair cut in Belgium, I paid 35 euros to leave with a mullet (aka shlong for short/long in NYC), lopsided trim and a beard shave. OK, the mullet and lopsided hair was somewhat tolerable because i can always shave my head and end the bad hair day, but when she took a straight edge to my face, causing blond dust to sprinkle my shirt, I was mortified. Apparently the beard trim is customary on all her women clients!

Girls are always told that if you shave unwanted hair, it will grow back darker and thicker. Now that half my face was shaved, the question remained. Do i have her continue the job or do i take the chance that the rumors are not true.

I was also shocked to find i had a beard. My brother made me aware of my moustache when i was 19 years old. As soon as my date arrived at the house to collect me, the first thing my 6-year old brother asked him was if he saw my moustache? Of course he had to take a closer look and found it sure enough!

To ensure that the haircut is not a repeat of last time, I'm choosing the kapsalon wisely. I narrowed it down to two places, theoretically the most unlikely places to end up with a bad mullet hair and shaved face. They are Joke Kapsalon and Hollywood Kapsalon. Voting poll is now open...


Chris said...

I had no idea...I thought trying to mail a package was hard.

Chris said...

Well, come to think of it, most mammals are hairy. By that logic, no porn stars are in the proper phylum.