Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hofstade course was lots of fun...

and i even had a lot of fun racing it. Unfortunately when you take that much time off the bike doing nothing but waiting to heal your fitness suffers. My start was relatively OK but then i spent the rest of the day drifting back through the field. But even so, I had one of the largest - AND LOUDEST cheering sections!!!! I LOVE FANS!!! They can really make a tough day feel a little better. And their cheers came in especially handy after I heard the announcer name me as one of the lucky random racers for doping control.

Oh, and the post-race Vanderkitten party at the mobilehome was a HIT! There must have been about 30 friends and family rotating through our trailer. We ate and drank until the traffic dissipated. From our mobilehome, we were able to watch the crowd around Sven Nys' mobilehome. Sven showed up about 1 hour after the race and people were still there in the dark patiently awaiting his arrival.

Anyway, rest, rest, rest is in order so i must go now. Photos to come shortly!
On a side note, I heard that fellow USA racer Barb Howe was sent immediately to hospital from the race with a possible torn achilles tendon. I hope this is not the case and that i just misunderstood what people were saying in Flemish.


Anonymous said...

Yay, it's great that you are back on the course, the Hofstade World Cup course, that is!! All your fans are thrilled to see you (or read about you) out there, but I am sure YOU are the most excited of all to see yourself back in the game. Cheers to that!

Big Bad Wolf said...

Hi there, good to read you're back out and racing. Hope all works out for Barbarella Howe.
What did you think of our little 17y/o Belgian hopeful , Sanne Cant? Looks like she had a strong race only fading towards the end.

Anonymous said...

That you got round the course at all and even finished, after a month of de-training (most of which was sitting on your ... tush) is proof of your toughness and nerve. Well done. Each time out should be a little better. Barbarella did tear her Achilles tendon and had surgery on it Wednesday afternoon. It's a delicate existence, eh?
-- E.C. Chamberlain

PEANUT said...

Yeah, if you can call it racing! I felt more like i was going for a sunday stroll. But THANKS!
Sanne Cant is amazing! Last year i beat her a bunch but no longer it seems since she is giving the likes of daphny a tough go!
Thanks EC! It was more like a struggle with my body than with the course or the other gals! I look forward to the day when it feels easy - or at least not so uncomfortable!!
Too bad about barb. That so sucks!