Thursday, December 27, 2007

Photos from Hofstade

Today was a great unwinding day. I just took it easy. In the morning, I unpacked from yesterday's race. Then Jonas and I went over to Leuven to get a soup from one of the restaurants we tried to visit a few days ago when everything was closed. We had broccoli soup with a thick slice of toasted bread for dipping.

The weather was not too bad for the ride - about 4 degrees C. I wore only a sports bra, thick undershirt, windproof long sleeve jacket, two long sleeve jerseys, windvest, windbreaker, heavy winter jacket, neck gator, ski mask, ear warmers, winter cap, two pairs of heavy gloves, thick socks, toe warmers, oversocks, heavy duty booties and full wrap glasses. Just right.

Once back home, I did the laundry. Then I repacked for the race tomorrow. It is near Antwerpen which is a bit over an hour drive north of here. Since it is one of the "holiday races" I expect the crowds to be close to 15-20,000. Crazy.

Here are some photos from Hofstade - probably even more to come!
I especially love the one of the two kids. I thought they were just MY fans but it turns out i share them with Bart Wellens. If you can read their cheeks, the boy has "WELLENS" and the girl has "BAT" written on them.


Big Bad Wolf said...

I went out for a ride yesterday evening and wore a lot less ; "only" two layers of thermal underwear, a long sleeved shirt, a long sleeved windproof jacket, long Assos Roubaix trousers and watertight socks (which are also windproof which is handy ! )not to forget a goretex cap and a helmet of course.... it was 6 degrees C and I was joyous as a child to be out there. I nearly fell off my bike when I rode out - being on the rollers for almost a month makes you forget that a real bike moves about a bit.
Taking it easy on the long way back to fitness.

Il Bruce said...

4C. That's about 40F. GeWilli won't even wear long sleeves until it gets below freezing.

Myself, I am indoors until May.

Anonymous said...


Where can I purchase your trading cards?

PEANUT said...

I can mail them to you if you give me your address. Or you can go to one of the cross races if you are local.
Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

Il Bruce.. Gewilli's joints will have their revenge on him sooner or later, unless he is a fat piece of seal blubber, because then he has a natural defence against the cold (and the windchill).
For training purposes even in the summer most serious riders wear long sleeved shirts and trousers.

PEANUT said...

When you meet gewilli, il bruce's sentiment will become all too clear!
Personally, I fall in the 'wear your tights even when it's a heatwave' category.

Vanderkitten ViP Team said...

Christine, do we need to come up with a synthetic down cross warm-up kit? =) I don't think I own as many clothes as you were wearing! =)

I like SKIING in that weather!!

PEANUT said...

It was so cold that day i just about DID wear all my vanderkitten clothes! Instead of insulated Vanderkitten warmup suit, I would prefer a Vanderkitten skuinsuit made with faux fur lining and outside trim for style points! Maybe next year....

Anonymous said...


I know that this one goes way back, but where should I e-mail you my address if you're still willing to send me those trading cards? :)

Rock on, girl :)

PEANUT said...

vardaros "at" yahoo "dot" com