Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Second race of the season is ALSO a bitch

Last monday i had the gall to show up for an "open category" criterium race. I figured "open category" meant that the participants of the event would be weekend warriors, first time riders, and maybe some women.

As Jonas and I arrived at the event on our bikes, we immediately were passed by a world champion jersey, belgian national jersey, the whole top belgian U-23 team, another belgian national jersey.

My first thought was optimistic. Maybe they bought the jerseys online or from their nearest bike shop. Or possibly the jerseys were given to them from a friend of a friend of a neighbor of a relative who knows the rightful earner of the jersey.

Unfortunately they all had those solid oversized horse legs which made my second thought a bit less positive. Shit.

But there i was, standing next to these guys, on the start line of the most technical circuit I'd ever seen - cobblestone climbs and tight turns, high speed descents with uprooted pavement as speed bumps just at the bottom before the turn, and of course some narrow roads lined with concrete ledges.

The 62km race lasted just over an hour while i bowed out after only 22 minutes. I did make an improvement over last week's race. This time when i dropped out before the race was over I didn't hide behind the van.


Rickie Rainwater said...

Don't worry Peanut, I'm still your biggest fan. Did a nice 31.15 miles today after work and a nap. My water bottle wasn't tight and I noticed it leaking a little so I tighened the top. I was getting sprinkles and thought, wow I must have spilled some water on my tires, and then I realized it was actually raining a little. I know your getting stronger, and considering your open catagory competition, "Top Racing Pros," you certainly know how to pick your training partners. I don't see how it could get any harder. I have noticed a sudden improvement in my strength and speed. It is helpful to think of that "Peanut Lady" for inspiration, and I try staying away from anyone with a "pro racing jersey."

gewilli said...

pictures... i wanna see pictures of peanut lined up in that field!!!!

kick ass for starting that race...

good cross prep ;)

PEANUT said...

rickie - thanks!
gewilli - funny, i thought you were going to comment on my actual inability to hide behind the van this time because we didn't bring it to the race. haha. I'll look for photos from the race on the internet and send you any i find.