Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Roubaix Cyclo-Cross World Cup Report

January 21st, 2009 Filed Under editorial, racers, racing, rider diary
by Christine Vardaros

Looking ahead to the race, I had expected to stand at the start line, head filled with optimistic thoughts of taking down my opponents for my own inner peace. I was basing this on the speeds and sensations I had during my pre-ride the day before the race.

But later that night, my optimism took an immediate turn for the worse when my hand spontaneously cramped into a tight fist delivering paralyzing and extreme jolts of pain. The hand cramp was most likely a pinched nerve caused by smacking my hand on the bar during the pre-ride. It was exacerbated that evening when I spun on the trainer as the cramp kicked in moments after I dismounted.

Within minutes my eyes welled up and tears began falling, leaving dark splotches on my light pink pajamas. The cramping and pain remained throughout the night, eased only slightly for the race with the help of heavy painkillers and numbing spray.

Now standing at the start line, I considered myself both lucky and stupid. The aggressive thoughts I had planned on for inspiration were gone; now I was willing my cramped hand to hold the bars firmly enough to prevent carnage.

CLICK HERE FOR THE REST (There are also a ton of photos of the guys' race)

On another topic, I've been getting lots of emails about my column in the current VegNews Magazine. Thanks to all for your support!!! As i appreciate all the comments, it has been frustrating for me because I haven't seen it yet myself. Ugh!! For those of you who didnt read it yet, I wrote it on sticking with your new year's resolution to get in shape.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Nice taster for the report on!

As for the vegnews piece, i haven't seen it but have you any little insights? My own resolution is "Focus!" infact I may even have it tattoed somewhere that i'll see frequently... Focus will help me in all walks, not least sticking to this years training plan.

Anonymous said...

An electrolyte imbalance?

PEANUT said...

hey nexus - great idea but that would produce generalized cramping. In hindsight i think it is from the extensive indoor trainer riding i have been doing in the same "riding the tops" position without padding on my hands. That is the best idea i can come up with.
chris - Focus is a hard one since there are many different levels of it! let me know how it works out for you.

Anonymous said...

Na+/K pump yes for muscles and stuff - just make sure you got your Ca+ and stuff up... Area's where circulation is minimal i.e from typing so much on your comp; ROM... stretch those areas to get better circulation... Also, hydration... you need those hydrogen's to make that energy you need


Rickie Rainwater said...

Low on potassium and magnisium, or like you said, keeping your hand in one position "forcefully" restricting blood flow or restricting nerve passageways. Ok enough of that. My right leg is suffering from some twist injury or over use injury from a bad pedal setup. I change some stuff today and felt like I corrected it, I still need to heal. Did 50.77 miles today in the wind. I am not as sore, but I have definitely hurt something. I turn 51 Tuesday the 27th. I wander if that has anything to do with my physical problem.
Your biggest fan, Oh yeah, my first cxmag shipped today. 5th edition.

Rickie Rainwater said...

Oh yeah, it is probably anreeness.

Anonymous said...

5th issue, why is the post so slow over the pond :( I want mine

Rickie Rainwater said...

Chr15, I ordered my cxmag a very long time ago and even had to email them to ask what was the problem. I can only assume that cx has very few issues and they only have so many prints. I still have not received mine even though they have said that it has shipped. No big deal, as I guess I subscribed too late. I just wanted to support "our girl" Chritine!

bikesgonewild said...

...fietsenverdwenenwild zei... it comes...& ya, sorry ya won't be racin' but glad to see mr page has "so far" got a chance to compete & i'm hoping for hope that our fairfax local, rachel lloyd can kick it to a podium...

Anonymous said...

Nys/Kupfernagel (the safe choice) for Worlds, although I'd love to see GG pull something out of the bag :).

Steelers for the Superbowl!

I have my first 'ride' of the year on Sunday. Sub zero temps and heavy snowfalls forecast! Hell might literally freeze over :)

Have a great weekend.


PS issue 5 dropped through the door today :)

PEANUT said...

THanks again nexus for your comments!
yeah, nys and kupfernagel could very well be the winners if daphny van den brand, katie compton, zdenek stybar or lars boom dont "ruin" the party.
Rickie - if you havnt received your issue 5 yet from cx mag, you ought to call them. Or maybe wait until next week since they are all at Worlds in Holland.