Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photos from Amgen Tour of California

Courtesy of Will Matthews, I received a couple of spectacular photos in my inbox from Amgen Tour of California. I loved them so much that I wanted to make sure that they were shown to as many people as possible who can appreciate them as much as I. If you want to see more of his photos from the race, go to .

As you look at the large photo of Lance, is it me or does he look like an american football player - pads and all? Maybe it is partly the misplaced yellow strip and party his over-muscled body.

According to Johan bruyneel, Lance still needs to lose a few pounds, not of fat but muscle mass in his upper body. That must surely be a tough one to deal with. It's not like he can cut out cookies and cake or ride a few extra kilometers. Oddly enough, i bet if we saw him with regular clothes on he would look like he had a tiny upper body.

AND on a tangental note, i finally found a doctor who is giving me hope that my nagging repercussions from my head injury of last year can finally be resolved. Yippee!! I will surely keep you updated. This Sunday is my last cross race of the season. It is in Oostmalle, Belgium. By now i expect no miracles in my result - especially now that i found out what is going on in my body from the neverending head injury - but i will surely make the most of it in fine "peanut" form. After the mens race, I have an invitation for a drink at the Kevin Pauwels mobile home. That could be fun. Maybe i will even snag a quick interview for Cyclocross Magazine if it works out.


Anonymous said...

No miracles, but a solid and gutsy season! I hope your Doctor can get you sorted, that must have been a nasty injury.

I love the photo's. Check out velodramtic for more cool photography.

I read something about Lance's weight and body fat percentage being lower than his usual figures at this stage in the season and akin to his build up to the Tour, but the strength and weight is 'redistributed'. He looks like a sprinter or a track rider. The strip doesn't help, Astana has gotta be the worst in the peloton, no wonder he wants to wear his Livestrong kit.

Have fun at the weekend. good work on the invite, a nice way to end you last race of the season. :)

PEANUT said...

doc had an emergency yesterday so i must wait for friday until i have more nezs. thanks. i agree about the poorly thought out team designs for astana.

Rickie Rainwater said...

Hey Christine,
You can watch the race free on Considering you are way over there, you will need to check the times, but they show re-runs as I have enjoyed them after work. The quality isn't as good as TV, but that can't be expected with the internet I guess. At least you won't have to worry about stations like versus that switch to Hocky before the end of the race. Regarding Astana's jerseys, the Kazakhstan National Jerseys are almost identical and since it is a government sponsored team, I guess it mirrors the National Jersey. Yes, I do believe it could be more artistic. I love the back of the Brazilian Jersey now that I have vectored off subject once again, but again the bland yellow front takes away from it. I love my Swedish National Assos Jersey. Really pretty. Ok, enjoy and I hope you Jonas are doing very well.

mindful mule said...

Great photos from Wil. I really like the B/W, and that close up of Floyd. Hope he kept shooting on the Merced to Clovis stage - that was beautiful – sun (finally) and snow and mountains – I need to go riding up there. Can’t wait till they barrel into town this Saturday!

Rickie Rainwater said...

So Christine, what's this about an injury?

PEANUT said...

hey jonah - have fun this saturday! bring your camera!
hey rickie - that stupid head injury from last year affected me long term more than i realized. when i got back into cycling after it and went from zero to hero with my training, my quads werent able to handle the load so other parts picked up the slack. after you train your body to work a certain way, it is seemingly a bitch to get it back to normal. and this, my dear, is what i am going through. AND i damaged one of my vertebrae from the head injury. It should all be reversed but will take some months of therapy and other doctor visits,etc. thanks for your concern! I knew something was wrong so i am just so relieved to finally have some answers.

Duncan A said...

Hey Christine, Good luck at the races this weekend, and with the injury rehab too.

Make sure you're wearing a "beard of beer" at the after party.

Here's to next season!