Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sneak Preview of the Team Blog

It isnt nearly done yet, but feel free to check it out. All comments are both welcome and appreciated!
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Anonymous said...

Impressive :)

Do you and Veerle live in the same town? Did you know her/of her before this team???

Too many questions, I know.

Again, I wish you all the best for the season :)

Rickie Rainwater said...

Sent you an email. Your race October 4th has special meaning for me. You will be in my thoughts. Did you adapt to the range limitations on the shifters? Congratulations. Now I am going to have to follow one more blog. I am also following your team mates. Thank goodness she is nice enough to translate for us country boys. Say hi to Jonas.

PEANUT said...

hey chris
veerle and i live pretty far from each other. Of course i knew of her before this team. She is one of the very very few famous female racers in belgium. She also dated Bart Wellens (famous cx racer) for a while so she was also on TV every week when bart had his reality tv show here in belgium. She is very sweet.