Friday, October 9, 2009

GVA Trofee's Citadelle de Namur Creates a Stir

I just wrote an article on the GVA Trofee's season opener event to be held this Saturday in Namen, the French-speaking part of Belgium. 
CLICK HERE for the story published on CYCLOCROSS Magazine.


henry_j said...

Interesting glimpse into the history of the cyclocross superpower nation.
I am looking forward to your report on the World Cup race in Treviso.

PEANUT said...

thanks henry. I looking forward to writing it!! haha. i have been super short on time this week but will write one with a million photos early next week. if you are on facebook you can see already the photos and a little bit about the race on my page. I can tell you now that the race was not nearly my best. Dry hot dusty weather is not my thing so after the first few seconds, i was wheezing the whole way to the finish! ugh. Tomorrow's race in belgium will be cold and heavy so if i am recovered enough from treviso's effort maybe i can do something!!