Saturday, October 31, 2009

Koppenbergcross - Behind the Scenes

Just in case you didnt read my article that was recently posted on CYCLOCROSS Magazine, CLICK HERE to read.
It contains a lot of history, funny stories and interesting info. 

As for my whereabouts, i have been lying low for the last week. Training hard, resting hard, eating well.  In fact, i have been eating very well!  I made vegetarian lasagna,  lebanese wraps, thai-inspired stew of sweet potatoes, chick peas, tomatoes and peanut butter, and lastly banana-banana bread.

I was supposed to go to Germany for a race this Sunday but it looked as though Jonas was about to get really sick so we canceled.  Eight hours of driving in one day is a bit much when you're possibly fighting a bug.  I think he may be in the clear - lucked out with only one couch day, but the prude decision to race locally seems best.  Instead i am racing in my local woods of Kortenberg - ten minutes away by bike. It will be with the boys - or rather men since they are either over 40 or over 50, depending on what category they place me in.

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Anonymous said...

Great article Christine, as is teh Niels Albert interview in the current edition of the mag!

I think someone should interview you for the mag too!

Hope Jonas is feeling better! :)