Friday, November 13, 2009

Nommay World Cup and Fidea Jaarmaarktcross Niel Races

After a crappy time in Nommay where my legs just didnt work, i went back to basics in my mind and focused only on positive race experiences i've had in the past. I kept these thoughts up for the next three days until the next race at Jaarmaarktcross in Belgium.

I guess there is a lot of truth to the power of positive thinking.  From the first pedalstroke, i was feeling great!  Unfortunately i was so taken by surprise by my responsive legs that i got nervous and didnt fight as hard as i could have for top position going into the dirt where we rode single file for quite some time. Oops.  I eventually passed a few riders to finish in 14th just behind my teammate Veerle Ingels.   The result may not have been spectatular but it did give me a good feeling that if my legs can be great from the start in this race, then why not in the next!  I'll only have to wait a couple of days more since this Sunday is Superprestige Asper-Gavere in Belgium. Here I go...

For a detailed race report, check out CYCLOCROSS Magazine.  My race report is up now.

Thanks for reading!
(above photo taken by Bart Hazen and below is taken by Francois Buyssens)


Phil said...

Regardless of your results, it's always fun to check out your adventures and reports. I've wondered if you ever have moral/ethical challenges with event sponsorships? I don't have a specific instance in mind, only the curiosity of how one might handle a major event that got sponsored by, say, Iowa Beef Processors, or that kinda thing.

PEANUT said...

Hey phil - thanks for your comment! Yes, i once had to turn down a nice team contract because one of their sponsors did not match my morals. It hurt (financially) BUT it was never really an option once i found out about the sponsor that didnt fit for me. Hope that answers your question.