Saturday, August 25, 2012

Training Camp - Peanut Style!

Just back from 11 days in the Vogezen - a very hilly, beautiful region in France - for a pre-cross-season training camp!  It was such a wonderful experience! Not only did it get to climb forever every day but the pre/post playtime was just as rewarding.  Before every ride, Jonas and i got to sit outside of our camping right on the lake (xonrupt-longemer) enjoying our breakfast of fresh coffee, fruit, and bread (baguette of course) with a bit of muesli.  And after our ride, we'd head into the water to play. 

On one such afternoon, our neighboring camper named Bernd treated us to an impromptu windsurfing lesson. That was simply TOPS!

I still have to accurately calculate my ride details but for my 8 training days in the mountains it is something around 31 hours to cover 650km with 16,000 altitude meters.

More stories to come to cover the rest of my trip to NYC and NJ as well as my trip to France. But first i have to go out for pizza at our favorite restaurant where they make the ideal vegan pizza with fresh arrugula on top.


Unknown said...

Your training camp appears oddly different from the training camps I'm used to. Huh…

Erwan said...

Looks like you had a great time! Les Vosges is a wonderful region. Xonrupt regularly hosts an Xterra (trail triathlon) event :)

PEANUT said...

Hey Michael: heck, i've experiences so many various forms of training camps. some were very pro while others were a free-for-all in my opinion. but in this one i worked hard and played hard! haha

Erwan: Did they do the swim in the longemer lake?? that would be cool.

Anonymous said...

I think the xterra swim is in Lake Gerardmer as were teh 'challenge france' races too. But I agree the Vosges is beautiful.

Looks like an awesome camp.