Sunday, September 9, 2012


I am about to start yet another season of cyclocross, but first wanted to do a shout-out to  PROBAR, my energy bar sponsor for SEVEN YEARS.  All the accomplishments i have made as a pro cyclist in those years - all the wins as well as World Cup/Championship appearances representing USA - could not have been done without my PROBARs to get me through the workouts as well as the races.  Even now, more than seven years later, I am still amazed by how well the bars work for giving me quick yet long lasting energy while taking care of my health needs.  AND most importantly, I am still excited by every bite - especially with the PROBAR bars as every bite is completely different from the last!
PROBAR represents on bike

To give you an idea of how much i rely on PROBARs, during the 8 hard days of climbing during my last training camp in France a couple of weeks ago, I ate 16 PROBARs (good for long, easy rides), 23 Fruition bars (good for racing or other hard efforts...and snacks), and 17 HALO bars. Not once was i bored with my snacks - which is the first time i can say that about an energy bar line.


PROBAR bike (foto:marc van est)
Just for the record, my current favorite flavors are: Superfruit Slam PROBAR, Cherry Fruition, and Nutty Marshmallow HALO

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