Monday, August 13, 2007

Future World Champion

His name is Lukas. He lives in Everberg, Belgium - a real hardass Flandrien. One day he will be a World Champion. His cycling career started off with a shiny red Scott mountain bike given to him earlier this year. He was so thrilled with his new two-wheeled machine that, like any 6 year old future World Champ, he immediately created a loop adjoining the front yard with the farmland in the backyard and rode it fifty times nonstop. Upon completing the 50th lap, he fell to the ground, completely drenched in sweat with the hugest comically oversized grin on his face.
Photos of Lukas in action to come...


Anonymous said...

Small stature ... rainbow stripes ... Quickstep logo. Hmmm. Are you certain this isn't a photo of Paolo Bettini, after a visit to Johan's hair-plug specialist?
-- E.C. Chamberlain

Greg said...

HA! That last comment made me spit out my water. Good one.

Back home, Peanut, we're trying to build the next generation of mad crossers. SOMEONE'S got to put pain to the Belgian train: