Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cyclo-Cross Surpasses Soccer in Flanders Spectatorship

I just read an article on the increased spectatorship of cyclo-cross in the Flanders region of Belgium. It's so high that it even surpassed that soccer (voetbal.) That's a huge feat!
It also appears that spectatorship for cyclo-cross in USA has taken a huge leap as well!
AND the numbers don't even take into consideration internet, newspaper or magazine coverage.

Here is the cyclingnews link to the story.
And here are the numbers from the cyclingnews story:

World championship Hooglede-Gits 2007: 60,000 on site, 1.25 million viewers (Sporza)
World championship Zeddam 2006: 28,000 / 798,000 (Sporza)
World Cup Hofstade: 20,000 / 505,971 (Sporza)
GvA Koppenbergcross Oudenaarde: 17,500 / 491,000 (Sporza)
SuperPrestige Diegem: 15,000 / 546,457 (VT4)
GvA Loenhout: 13,000 / 442,000 (Sporza)
GvA Baal: 9000 – 760380 (Sporza)
Singlespeed Oregon & Cross Vegas (USA): 5,000
SP Eerde-Veghel (Netherlands): 5,000 / 433,894 (VT4)
Sint-Michielsgestel (Netherlands): 2,500


gwadzilla said...

I think that the cyclocross spectator ship is similar to the soccer spectatorship in the states

most people in the states do not get it

then again
I do not get NASCAR
but to be fair
I never really gave NASCAR a chance

PEANUT said...

One of my dream jobs would be to work on sponsorship for Nascar cars. BIG money in that! Another one of my dream jobs is to be the gal who names cars. My all-time favorite is still the "Probe".