Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life in the Off-Season

Last Sunday was my last race of the cyclo-cross season. It's always a relief when the season is over. No more suffering on the bike. No more packing and unpacking every few days. No more sleeping in strange beds in towns I can't pronounce. And no more butterflies in my gut obsessing about that upcoming event.

For the first few days following my last event, I felt free. I could do whatever I want. I could go to a party and stand on my feet, dance until sunrise, eat that extra chocolate chip cookie...or seven. My options were limitless.

(Want to know how a pro cyclist spends her time during the off-season? See photos at right.)

But now that almost a week had passed since my last race, I find myself already champing at the bit. It must be some form of withdrawal. I suppose if enough time passes, the feeling for a "race day fix" will subside.

Next week I am off to NYC, my former hometown, for Vanderkitten Media Tour. It will be my first time traveling without a bike. We'll see if i return to Belgium a cigar-smoking, Guava-Martini-drinking, stiletto-wearing city babe. I've heard it's really easy to slip back into old habits.


Anonymous said...

Just don't do anything Dotty Parker or I wouldn't do.
-- E.C. Chamberlain

ps -- a toast to you-know-who!

bikesgonewild said...

...thought from the photos, you wuz joinin' the circus just cuz they sold belgian waffles...sheesh...

Big Bad Wolf said...

Was it "Leuven Kermis" already..?
Enjoy the offseason !

PEANUT said...

Dotty parker sounds like a wild one from what i read on the internet - that gives me lots of playing room i suppose.
BGW: No, been there, done that! I was a carnie back before it was cool. haha.
BBW: From what i've noticed on the few occasions i get to town is that there are many kermis events in leuven! This one was at the train station. Do you see me on the bungie swing?