Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wanna Meet the Vanderkittens??

You will have your chance during their training camp this week (DO tell me how it was so that I may live vicariously through you):


Anonymous said...

where do i sign up for mandercats?


GCDavid said...

When does the Vanderkitten "kindle" saunter to the East Coast? The winter is already long and lonely enough without missing out on all the fun : (

PEANUT said...

The VDK's will be East Coast bound for the may/june races - the memorial day crits and philly. I may just show up too to join in on the fun!
Not mandercats, VanderKittens! These gals are alive and real AND just as entertaining as the cartoon characters of mandercats!

Unknown said...

loooks like the nw cross scene may need a doode or two to rep the feline cross style. consider this done.
time take that bike out a show it some love this valentines!
thanks for the great blog,

vegan catish cross base mile mix:

PEANUT said...

Hi tommy:
Thanks for thanking me for the blog! Do you plan to be one of those ManderKittens?
I clicked on that link you provided but it said, "120 seconds to download" I only lasted 10 seconds before fear overtook my thoughts what is about to be downloaded. What did i miss?

Unknown said...

yeah, sorry about the iffy download...
if i ever had to read about you dealing with some virus you got from downloading some crummy music mix i'd feel horible...
alright alright, gonna just sit back and enjoy the enties about racing. but does it have to be so roadie in the summer? where's the mtb??? where's the cardboard Tom B????
yer public wants to know!

PEANUT said...

Hey tommy:
I actually agree with you on the mtb vs road thing. I first have to get a mtb. I'm trying to get one but it all costs money. BUT i have a lead on a neon yellow tank I may be able to use. It will need chain and cassette but that would be much cheaper than buying a complete bike. Until then, though, i plan to do mtb tours over here - camera in hand!
As for tommeke, I'm in the middle of wrapping him in saran wrap to prepare him for the rainy weather in Tour of California. Thanks for asking!