Thursday, September 18, 2008

For weight weenies who have no time to follow politics

With cyclo-cross season just about here for most of us (my first race is this Saturday), obsessive bike talk has been fully consuming many conversations between bike racers. One hot topic is obviously the bike - tweaking the machine to win a few spots in your results at upcoming races. The leader in the long list of ideas is always weight loss - how to get the bike to weigh less than the number of pounds of pasta you eat in a month during race season.

Usually i dont have to think much about weight because I am lucky enough to get sponsor equipment that is super cool (superlight). But every once in a while I like to check in with weights of other products compared to mine or possibly change the little things that I have control over - like chains. I use the infamous Weight Weenies site. While perusing through the site a few days ago I now see how people are getting their cross bikes down to 15 pounds - crazy.

During my search, I came across a chain i'd never used before - FMC 10X. It is not the lightest but I heard that it was the quietest. Completely true. It was so quiet that it was hard to believe there was actually a chain on the bike.

With most of my attention on getting ready for the cross season and hitting my writing deadlines, I have little time for following the presidential race. But thankfully I have friends who keep me updated. For those of you who are in the same predicament as I, here are a few links that summarize the race:

Video:John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, touts her service as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. A Slate V slide show takes to the remote town where Palin's political career began.

The palin/ clinton skit on Saturday Night Live recently:

A link for women, by women:



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the weight weenies link... Sue is gonna hate you, now I have another site on 'bike bits' to look at when she wants DIY stuff done :)
You know what I have no idea what my [road] bike weighs... I'll check it out this weekend. It should be pretty good a 1300g Ti frame, Dura Ace, 1450g wheels bla bla. The cross bike is SIGNIFICANTLY heavier!

I always look at weight comparison when buying bits and I know I could gain to loose a few pounds myself but, if you are spending £75 on a seat post why buy one that is a 1/4lb heavier, for no other significant advantage.

I use KMC chain links, a reusable snap on link. Great to keep one in your saddle pack incase of emergencies, much easier than fiddly pins and chain tools. As for chains the slotted SRAM 10sp, expensive (but cheaper if you can find it on Ebay), quiet as a church mouse.

Hope you have a great race tomorrow

CT :)

Anonymous said...

Why do you think they brew Bud Lite? Less work for the Horse pulling the Kegs?


You are no stranger to that ethic. I applaud this before a "lite" bike.

Lead weight in a camelpak? Is this taking the work ethic to a Silly place? Go climb Tam twice with this on your back.

A serious read on Politics and what has happened to America follow this link. If you have the time to cry after. God helps us!

Correct me if I am wrong. We will be paying forever for the debit load on w"We the people" An ounce of weight will mean nothing. (different topic, opps ;()

Save your money will be the bottom line. Grow your garden, go solar, wind and natural gas to power your home and car.

I feel better now. Even a bit lighter on my bike,,LOL!!!

Rickie Rainwater said...

Nemo weighs 18.2 pounds without pedals. I could shave a few ounces with a new seat. The real moral of the story is the bike strong and balanced Does it deliver forward linear movement efficiently. Can it handle torque. A good example is the fork breaking on Gary's bike the other day. There is a point where making a bike too light runs the risk of material failure. The best way for a rider and bike combination to lose weight is for the rider to lose weight.

With regards to politics, I will be pleased when the elections are over and we can move on with the next disappointment. I personally feel that people that don't take part in the process of voting ect.. have much to bitch about if they don't take the time to make their choices known at the voting booth. If people don't like stuff, run for office, vote, make a personal difference in your community ect... It all starts with the individual.

Nemo does like a fattening candy bar after a long ride, and there is no talking her out of it. I keep trying to tell her that she needs to watch her weight because, I'm certainly not watching mine...Ha! Perhaps chocolate and coe coe are the same way.... stuborn bikes.

Rickie Rainwater said...

How often do you change chains?

Anonymous said...

[quote]I will be pleased when the elections are over and we can move on with the next disappointment.[/quote]

What did The Who say?
Meet the new boss, same as the last boss.

mindful mule said...

I rather like the whir of the chain as I spin along.. especially on quiet evening rides.

Amy said...

Thanks for the tip on the anti Palin blog - the whole thing is mind boggling, I couldn't believe that she got the spot.

Anonymous said...

How many grams does a 1st place trophy weigh? That's the only thing that should go on the scale.
-- E.C. chamberlain

PEANUT said...

Your bike does sound light. It would be cool if your cross bike could be as light as your road bike since you have to shoulder it! But then again most cross races are flat compared to road courses. SRAM is twice as expensive than KMC here so that is how i made my decision.
Thanks for the thoughts.
ricky: I am glad to know that you feed nemo well. I change my chain once a month on heavy periods or up to 2 months on lighter training periods. But keep in mind i also rotate between 3-4 bikes.
jonah: Yeah, i like the sound too. but i would rather hear silence than crunchy sounds from my chain on metal.
Amy et al: This whole election has been a little disconcerting on many levels.
E.C.: I havent weighed the trophy yet since I only got it yesterday but I will put it on the scale next time I am making a meal requiring accurate measurements. But i can tell you that marble does not stain when in contact with coffee.

Anonymous said...

KMC chains

Pretty good price for the UK. not sure if they ship overseas.

SRAM is mucho dinero for the slotted/hollow pin but some of the ebay vendors have a good deals on them.

Now to check out a light CX frame... Cyclocrossworld have a deal on Ridley X-Night, shipping might be a problem, plus not too sure about my 190lb ass repeatedly slamming down on that carbon frame. Mmmmm Litespeed cx, now Ti is much stronger.

PEANUT said...

wow, those prices are great! Regarding light bikes for a good price, have you thought about custom? I do agree with you that it is best to buy from USA at the moment if you are not going to shop at your local bike shop. I am a big supporter of my local shop for most things. But if you are getting a custom frame, usually your local bike shop wont be too upset. This becomes very important as you know when you take it in for servicing.
Not to add a shameless plug, but Ahrens Whole Shot frames are built slightly heavier than a 1-season race frame so you can race on it forever.