Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Road racing during cyclo-cross season?

Belgium may be hotbed for cyclo-cross racing, but only for men. Instead of racing cross right now, I am doing some road racing to get the racing fitness up since there is no other option pretty much until Kalmthout World Cup October 19. I briefly considered racing at Lebbeke Cross the day before Kalmthout but after fellow racer Sarah Kerlin's description of the course last year (mudpie-riddled bumpy farm field that mud so deep and tacky that it sucks the power out of the legs) I am opting to save my legs for the world cup the following day. Thanks sarah!

Last sunday was a road race in Wilrijk, Belgium. It was 90km of turns and more turns which is what i need for cyclo-cross training. Since i am now training for cross races, I was afraid i'd bonk after 45 minutes. To calm my fears - and avoid the man with the hammer, Jonas had me promise to eat and drink everything he packed on my bike and in my pockets before the race. While focusing on keeping my promise, before i realized it the race was over and I had survived just fine. I did feel the running sessions in my legs, though.

Counting down the days till I get to race cross again<<<

The weather is finally turning crappy here. It has been, and is expected to remain, 10-14 deg C accompanied by rain, rain, and more rain. Jonas and his dad just built an afdak (an awning) connecting off the kitchen in the backyard so I made good use of it by riding on my trainer under it. I figured a good way to acclimate to the crap weather is to do it in steps - first step is to get used to the cold weather, next is to get wet.


Anonymous said...

the weather's been warm here in Calie and I wish that it would start that fall coolness...

the lows here is pretty much a high of last year at about the same time I think...

sounds like you are getting stronger! go peanuts!

CTodd said...


Any new sponsor yet?

Rickie Rainwater said...

I'm glad you have someone like Jonas to take care of you and remind you to take extra care of yourself. I have a week and a half until the century, which may not be a big deal to some professional cyclist, but I am going to have to make myself eat well leading up to the event so I know my glicogen levels are good going into the event. I am hooking up with one of the executives that rides often and hopefully we can work together to save energy. I was glad to hear him say he has not ridden much as he averaged 20 miles an hour the last time he did the 100. I told him I was just going to take it easy and enjoy the ride and that I wasn't going to try to break any world records. Alot of the road racers around here are going balls to the wall and personally, I would like to wait and see how I feel at mile 80 before I bust my ass. So I am going to have to eat. I will have to listen to my body and be sensible. I have trained all year and have gotten to know my limitations well, but I have also come a long way, so the next days will need to be restful and just trust my fitness level. Ego and reality don't always mix.
I'm glad jonas is taking good care of you. The weather here in Arkansas is perfect. Clear, cool, dry, and then in the upper 70s F. in the afternoons. It is hard to know how to dress.

Anonymous said...

Weather in the SE UK is pretty much as it is in Belgium, although today is one of those beuatiful autumn days that I love so much... Crisp, cool, blue and fresh.

Damn, why didn't I ride to the office today???

Do Jonas and his Dad hire out their services? I NEED an afdak! Sue bought me a mains powered trainer last birthday, and I just can't ride indoors and I'm not sure whether it is a good idea to sit astride a 'metal' bike in the wet with 240volts being supplied to the back wheel... Can you say "fried".

So how much do you eat and drink over 90k's???

PEANUT said...

flandria - I would take warm weather over what we have here any time!
ctodd - no new sponsor yet. sh_t!
rickie - yeah, lucky to have jonas. Let us know how the century goes<
chr - I think one afdak is enough for jonas - he is still fidgeting with it a few times a day.
I ate just under 900 calories including the energy gel before the race.

Anonymous said...

wow that is like 4.5 Luna bars! I guess if you add drinks and gels (?) it's not too difficult to do.

Do you use Probar exclusively? Or are you not allowed to say?

Anonymous said...

Guess I'll have to Afdak myself. Actually I have plans for a pergola at the side of our house, and at the foot of the garden, I guess it isn't too much extra effort to put a small roof over a section.

Anonymous said...

World Cup stuff is finally up today. Just in time for the DEADLINE!


PEANUT said...

I really do use PROBAR exclusively. Have you ever had one? They are addictive. Every bite is different. But during those times i do run out, i often use dried fruit.

Anonymous said...

Nope never tried them.

I will order some up.

You mentioned them in your blog a while back, they look real nice, and I like the ethic. Should I go with your (favourite) flavour list???

PEANUT said...

My mom calls the bars vitamin-energy bars! The flavors i think i'd recommend are Superfood Slam (to be taken as snack or meal replacement OR easy rides), Maple Pecan, Art's Original Blend, Whoe Berry blast, Sesame Goji, Cran-lemon twister and cherry pretzel. If i were you i'd ask them to send you a selection of bars so you can taste each one for yourself.
I anxiously await my next shipment - yum.
Thanks for supporting PROBAR! I appreciate it - AND they are a great company to support.