Friday, October 10, 2008

Cyclocross Magazine's Fantasy Cyclo-Cross League

I am so excited to have registered for Cyclocross Magazine's Fantasy CX Game. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, CX Mag has you choose from a bunch of cyclocross racers to compose your ideal team. The teams are then pitted against each other. The highest cumulative earner of UCI points by the end of the season wins. What makes this fantasy game exta special is that they included women. Thanks guys!

You can sign up HERE and take a shot at winning prizes and earning bragging rights.

I picked mostly euro riders so I'm not doing too well at the moment since most of the early season uci races have taken place in USA. But i chose my team wisely - I think - so Team Peanut should start making its way up the rankings. Jonas and I wanted to choose exactly the same riders, but since there is no fun in a tie, we decided to make two of the names different. We pulled straws - or rather scallions since we dont have straws - to see who got to keep the original selection. I won.

Naturally I chose myself for the team for the extra motivation to do well! HAHA OK, i chose myself party because I'd feel stupid if i didn't and partly because I expect my season will be better than last year since my head injury is long gone. Fingers crossed...


Anonymous said...

Naturally I choose you too... so don't go letting me down ;)

Georgia gould, Katie Compton, Todd Wells and Jonathon Page (all of whom are in action over the weekend) were also amongst my picks plus token Brits Roger Hammond and Helen Wyman (sorry to your freind Gabby). Then some Euro racers.

It's a great competition and odd that I've seen nothing like this for the road season (other than fantasy TdeF).

My team is Velo Chr15, I'm a fraction above you at the mo... but it all to play for :)

Rickie Rainwater said...

The fantasy cyclocross game sounds like fun. I may try it for fun, but I know few cyclo cross riders, except for my favorite, Peanut Vardaros, and some Nyles guy what his name..
Well I survived the 100 which turned out to be 105.34 for me when I took a wrong turn the last 5 miles after getting seperated. The first part was fast, faster than I had planned, but good. At around 45 miles it started getting narly. The wind was straight on and fierce, for all of the missouri section and for most of the ride back. I'm sure most of us mortals thought we were going to die. The last 20, I was able to catch the wheel of a strong rider, and he pretty much saved my ass blocking the wind. Nemo was the nicest looking bike there and she work flawlessly. Getting caught alone in the wind was pure hell, but I did the work and got it done.

PEANUT said...

Thanks again for choosing me for your team! I chose some riders that will be doing a lot of cross races with big points. I chose a few others just because i like them, and DIDN'T choose some because of "insider" info - haha. has "Chicabike" - a road version of cx magazine's fantasy game but with women only. I did it last year and of course chose myself for that team too!
Congrats Rickie on finishing the 100 strong! And i am not surprised that nemo was the sexiest thing there.

Anonymous said...

Insider info???