Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Broken Ribs 101

There are varying levels of rib breaks - varying levels of pain and inconvenience, that is!

Certain activities should be approached with caution:

lifting heavy objects
lifting your arm
moving - at all
bowel movements - even those with high fiber diets
sex - without orgasm

Activities that are off limits:

coughing - although it is recommended that you cough to keep fluid buildup out of your lungs
standing out of the saddle while pedaling on a bike
breathing heavily
twisting at the waist
bending over
sex with orgasm
motorcycle riding
leaning laundry basket against ribcage
pulling metal window shutter up
cobblestone or offroad riding
core workout

I am off for NYC this Friday to speak at the Veggie Pride Parade pep rally. The parade is Sunday in Union Square Park. My time slot is 2:50pm. For those of you who will be in Manhattan this weekend, come visit me at the IDA (In Defense of Animals) booth. I am their spokesperson. I was a little nervous performing in front of many thousands of people until i realized that i've done this dozens of times before - only it's without a bike this time around. OK, maybe its a little different...but i will at least be armed with my mom's sage advice. She told me to put my mouth close to the microphone so i dont have to yell (see point #7 in my "activities to approach with caution" list).


Anonymous said...

Me wonders about the reason behind the broken ribs part of the post... I hope it's not #1 on my list. (maybe I've missed something - it's been hit and miss with me the last month or two)

Good luck at the rally. May be you should take your bike on to the podium too, for comfort?

PEANUT said...

hey chris
Accidents do happen. the good news is that i only had to take a couple days off teh bike. I am taped so as long as i dont fall again i am good to go for most rides - on the road that is!

Funny about the bike. it could work though.

Anonymous said...

Sh1t, that was number 1 on my list :(

Was it a bike accident, or something (ususally) inoccuous?

Damn shame about the sex thing though ;)

Heal quick :)

Amy said...

Ouch! I hope the travelling isn't too uncomfortable! Don't worry, you will be great at the rally - take care, have a good time and I'll see you when you get back!
PS: I have yet to find a good place to get my hair cut here...

Pamela R. said...

Hey Chris: Sounds like weather is going to cooperate beautifully.
Peas & luv, Pamela R.