Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You know your Dutch is getting better when...

you can go to a massage therapist for a jaw therapy appointment and walk out with a much needed leg massage instead.

I have been seeing a jaw therapist to help with the last of the damage (head pain behind the ears) lingering from those head injuries a while ago. Since the head pain is finally subsiding but my legs were super sore from standing all day last sunday at a Communion party, i went into the therapist's office today with the intention of slyly exchanging my jaw work for leg work.

I got what i wanted which gave me confidence that my Flemish is coming along nicely. But what i learned from this experience is that i need a lot more work before i can pull off being sly without a hitch. When i pulled my massage bottoms out of my jersey pocket, clearly looking prepared for the switch, I realized at that moment that i should have added another sentence or two to make the switch appear seamless. oops.


Phil said...

This story is also only a couple sentences away from a hilarious "happy ending" stand up comedy bit. Maybe another career option?

PEANUT said...

do you refer to a thai happy ending? haha

Rickie Rainwater said...

As clever as you are, I would have figured you would have gotten the full body massage and a facial.

Anonymous said...

Good work on the slyness in Flemish!

"Thai happy ending". Ha. Now I have coffee dripping from my nostrils!

Seriously you have massage bottoms???

Hope you feel better after your gastroscopy ordeal earlier in the week. I have noticed an increasing number of energy (and recovery) drinks containing milk or milk derivatives.


Anonymous said...

So, what 'necessities' a professional bike racer keep in her newly installed saddle bag.

I'd love to know, as my saddle bag is always too small for what I NEED to take with me.