Monday, May 11, 2009

Contents of my Saddle Bag

Since some of you have asked...

2 tubes
1 patch kit
3 co2 cartridges (if jonas and his additional 3 co2's dont ride with me, then i put a mini pump in my back pocket
1 co2 cartridge head
1 pair rubber gloves
2 Gojo grease wipes
1 purell
1 big multi-tool with chain-breaker, wrenches, screwdrivers
Sram power-link with extra links
1 safety pin
1 roll electrical tape
1 rubber band
no tire levers (i'm good)
Anti-allergy pill
Epipen - for bee-sting emergencies
2 bandaids
1 butterfly bandaid
emergency info card
chain lube
2 ibuprofen

I think that's about it!


Anonymous said...


Christine, no wonder you are a kick arse bike rider. That little lot has gotta weight a stone at least, drop that on race day and you'll fly!

I have considered paniers so that I can carry the 'kitchen sink' as well :)

Thanks for sharing. I'd better get on to Wiggle and get a new 'spar-sized' bag.

gewilli said...

all that fits in a saddle bag?

we need pictures of this thing loaded on behind your seat!

PEANUT said...

hey gewilli
if you look at my previous post, i have a photo of my saddle bag. it's a big one!

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit! Where's the kitchen sink!

StevenCX said...

"1 pair rubber gloves
2 Gojo grease wipes"

A girl's gotta keep her hands clean eh? :)

Rickie Rainwater said...

I guess you save the jersey space for the COOKIESSSSSS! Sorry, got carried away there for a minute. I should probably carry a small medical kit in my goods. I do feel well prepared. I won't go into all of the stuff as I think I already bored you to tears with listing it in my last email. Met Laura Charameda. Neat lady. Famous American cyclist. Might think about racing next year. Didn't feel up to the pain threshold this year, but I'm getting much much better. Oh yeah, your coming to America in 6 days! Wow, so close, yet so far. Wish I could be there. I would sit in the wroudy and loud section.

Phil said...

I have a spare tire that is with me 24/7. It even varies in size with the seasons.

gewilli said...

there's no way all that fits in that saddle bag...

but then i've seen you pack a bike box...

the question being - how much stuff do you have to unpack to get to your chain lube...

and... for that matter - why bring chain lube on a ride? for stealth lubing of the guy with the squeeky chain so you don't go insane?


I think you need to unpack this bag and have photographic evidence of everything that was in there ;)

mindful mule said...

One of those little screw-on Presta-to-Schrader valve converters is not a bad add in case you need to add some tire pressure at a gas station. I can never get enough pressure with a mini pump.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but this is less than half the stuff that Elmo carries in his bag. For example, what happens if you return from training to the parked DB5 and realize you've locked the keys inside? Where's the spare set? IN THE TOOL BAG, D'OH.
-- E.C. Chamberlain

PEANUT said...

SHIT! Thanks Jonah. I did indeed carry a presta/schraeder adapter in my bag but when i switched bags a while ago that never made it over to the new one. I will go to the shed right now and move it in.
hey phil: us girls may not carry around extra tires but we surely have the perma-saddle-bag, even if it does not always contain tools.
Gewilli - i will take a photo of my contents just for you. Keep an eye on my blog...
hey EC: considering i've never owned a car, my bag is not so full since i dont have to make room for keys.
mike - if i could take the kitchen sink with me, i would. that's why i have gloves, purell and degreasing wipes!
rickie: I keep my PROBARs in my pocket, along with twelve changes of clothing all wrapped up in plastic bags so they dont get sweaty. I learned that from coach Elmo.