Thursday, June 4, 2009

Behind the Scenes of Final Giro Stage

Most of you may know by now that Denis Menchov crashed just one kilometer from the finish line where he was expected to win the overall Giro d'Italia title. What most of you may not know is how his teammates reacted to his crash while watching the race from the mobilehome alongside the finish.

Elmo just sent me this youtube link so we can now all be privy to a little behind-the-scenes action.



Rickie Rainwater said...

Greg Durbin from Santa Rosa Riding club posted that link too, and it was pretty intense. I felt like I was there with the team and I could feel the tension. I'm so glad he was able to succeed even though he fell down. God, that must have been an adrenalin rush! That was a great Giro especially watching Di Luca trying to shake off the number one man. Say hi to Jonas.

erikv said...

The guy in front on the left sure looks excited, doesn't he?