Monday, June 22, 2009

Soud of Music in Antwerp Train Station

My mom just sent me this youtube link. Normally I dont care much for videos but this one was special for me.

The video was made in the Antwerpen , Belgium Central (Train) Station on March 23, 2009, with no warning to the passengers passing through the station. At 8:00 am a recording of Julie Andrews singing 'Do, Re, Mi' begins to play on the public address system. As the bemused passengers watch in amazement, some 200 dancers begin to appear from the crowd and station entrances. They created this amazing stunt with just two rehearsals! Enjoy!

Click HERE to view the video.

Thanks mom!


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Rickie Rainwater said...

I wonder what would happen if they did that in Iran, or Bagdad. I think I may love Belgium and I've never been there. Nemo made it on Here is the link. Have a wonderful day, your biggest fan, Rickie