Thursday, April 19, 2007

I know i'm in a good mood when...

i get a bunch of free stuff...unsolicited!!!

The past few days i have received:
5 zip-ties
1 headset adjustment
3 coffees
2 iced teas
1 ethopian dinner
4 glasses of wine
1 jelly bean gift bag
1 sugary treat gift bag
1 bikini bottom
1 raisin-sesame bread
1 t-shirt
1 train ride from leuven to brussels (only because union was on strike that afternoon, but still free)

Funny, most people believe that free things put them in a good mood but i'm thinking the complete opposite is true. Free things come to those with good attitudes. Hey, if i keep it up, I wonder how long it will take before i get the free apartment, scooter, new cell phone (mine died from sweat - must remember not to keep phone in back pocket.) hahaha.


gewilli said...

hmmm - just the bottoms?

Does this mean the paparazzi will have an opportunity to catch a cycling star sunbathing topless just wearing these new bottoms?

Paul Tay said...

Wow. With all that schwag, unsolicited, imagine the loot if you asked.

Karin Tobiason said...

At what address can I send you free money again?

Brava Hotshot!


PEANUT said...

You can send the free money direct to my bank account!!!! I will buy the apartment, scooter and cell phone with it and will update my free list right away. hahaha.
Yes, just the bottoms. Oh, and i got a free wink with the "purchase."

ntw said...

Free Ethiopian food.


'Round these parts we have to pay for it.

Paul Tay said...

Yeah, EVEN Ethopian kids DON'T get free Ethopian food.

Grey said...

I went out jogging last night with a house key, a $20 bill and my cell phone in pockets. Part way through the run i pulled out the cell phone and ordered a burrito, and unbeknownst to me at the time I dropped my money. I got to the burrito place and was in line when I figured out I didn't have any money but I saw a $5 on the floor next to the foot of the guy in front of me in line. He didn't see it so when he left I picked up the $5 and a dime from the counter and asked if I could pay for my $5.90 burrito with $5.10. The cashier bawked for a second but said okay, though as she did that the woman behind me reached around and threw a $1 on my $5 rendering the point moot. I paid, handed 20 cents to the nice lady while thanking her profusely and went on my way.

Did I get the burrito for free? Did I pay $20 for it?

Paul Tay said...

Yep. Anybody dumb enough to lose a 20 should get a free burrito.

PEANUT said...

NO, there is nothing dumb about losing $20. Heck, i've lost way more than that at a shot. Think back to everything you've ever lost in your life. Yeah, that thought can make any of us feel rather dumb. I think dumb can be more exemplified by a person who gives back 2 20's and a 10 when handed a 50 for a 9.70 euro bill. That happened to me today when i ordered my glorified hashbrowns over a bed of wilted iceberg lettuce. Of course i gave the 10 euros back. I like free stuff but not when it is unknowingly given to me!
That is a great story Grey! and yes, the burrito was free. Those are two separate incidents. Hope it was tasty!

Paul Tay said...

One man's dumb is another woman's GENIUS?

PEANUT said...

there is a difference between being dumb and making a mistake. but, yes, i guess since no matter is created or destroyed you are right about the balance in the equation.