Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm off again Saturday

Back to France. This time near St Etienne. I'm really excited because it will be yet another area i haven't seen. I'm still just amazed by the beautiful views in that country.

I heard the course will have some hills which makes me very happy. I need all the hill riding I can get in preparation for Tour d'Laude in May - a mountainous stage race of about 11 days. Today I'll get some more hill climbing in during my 3-hour ride.

The weather is back down at about 15-16 degrees again here, and cloudy, so the suntan that i started down in france will have to wait until the weekend. My goal is to go a whole summer without someone telling me they have to wear their sunglasses in order to protect themselves from the glare bouncing off my super white skin!

Here are photos of my new bike and my lunch I just ate. By tomorrow i will have detailed bike photos up on the blog. I rode it in last weekend's races and it is great. It's super light, super cute and handles really well! AND it has my blood type printed on it - hahahahaha. Love it!

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Paul Tay said...

Blood type on bike. DAYAAAAAAM, dat's one schweeet ride. Not to mention the PRUNES!

Soooo FRIGGIN' jealous in this crap-ass town called Tulsa, Oklahoma, aka NO-wheresville.