Monday, May 14, 2007

Evy Van Damme Retires

I just found this in today's

Evy Van Damme Retires

The Belgian cyclist Evy Van Damme has announced her retirement from the sport. The 27 year-old, who last rode for Caprisonne-Vlaanderen-T-Interm

Team, said that she just didn't enjoy it any more.

She announced her decision on the website of her husband, Nick Nuyens, who rides for Cofidis. "The circumstances for women are not always optimal and that led to my decision, too," she said on "I will now have more time to follow and support Nick."

Van Damme was twice Belgian road champion, one time national time trial champion, and second in the European championship in Bergamo. She plans to now become a fingernail stylist.

A very talented cyclist! Pity she's retiring. On a side note, my favorite line of the press release is clearly the last one!!! I just about fell off the couch when i read it! What an unlikely profession for a former pro cyclist. Or maybe it's just an unlikely profession for me.


gewilli said...

Is your Blog Retirement tied to Evy's retirement?

Or are you now pondering something as glamorous as being a fingernail stylist?



hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Pity she retired. I liked watching her race. She had been seriously ill a while ago . I guess she is thinking about little ones now.
btw: I linked you, "Peanut" .