Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today was the BEST DAY of my LIFE!!!

OK, well maybe not the best day. I think that honor still goes to the first time I saw my last boyfriend's abs! WOW! Back to the was a very special day because I finally felt frisky on the bike. I have not felt this way in months, so it was such a relief to be not only excited to be on a bike again but to be interested in applying a bit of pressure to the pedals.

Today I rode with Jan. Even though we have had a string of warm sunny days, he amazed me with his ability to once again find the one extended patch of mud in all of Belgium. He even located torn up roads so we can put in quality time riding through dust balls 15cm high. I can always rely on him for a dirty ride! I can also rely on him as a solid supportive training partner. When we ride together, he never half-wheels me or makes me feel uncomfortable in any way - always a positive experience. Even when he has intervals to complete, he does them without affecting my ride.

Well, thanks to his intervals today I got a taste of what it's like to be alive on the bike again. As he took off up a hill, I had the urge to not only jump on his wheel but to kick the living shit out of him up the hill, zipping my jersey at the top just before raising my hands in the air - Gianni Bugno style. But since i know coach's (and doctor's) orders are to be subdued, I only jumped on his wheel for a few moments to get a quick taste of excitement - to feel the blood rush through my veins like a fine crack-cocaine addiction. YUM! It was just enough to get me hungry for my next fix.

After a huge-ass salad, some rice stuffed eggplant and homemade garlic bread, I treated myself to a large glass of Austrailian wine (Yellowtail Merlot) and a sizeable piece of extra dark belgian chocolate (my version of a post-interval cigarette.)


thomas said...

You should really treat yourself to a real wine instead of that mass produced muck called Yellow Tail. They call it yellow tail because they grind up rat tails in their wine! No really, take yourself up a notch on the Aussie wine. You'd be surprised the kind of quality wine you can get from Australia for just a few bucks more that the Rat Tail! $10 buckaroos and you can taste the better of the kangaroos!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are feeling great on the bike again.
Pity about the darn weather that is turning for the worse again this weekend , I was looking forward to do another long ride, now it looks as if it will be a ride on the rollers and a good rest.

PEANUT said...

Thanks for the info. BUT do those other wines use rat tails and other products for filtering in the wine-making process? Yellowtail is vegan.

Buckles said...

Nice to hear that you're feeling better.