Sunday, May 13, 2007

In a perfect cycling world

This was the title of today's column in the Marin Independent Journal - a San Francisco Bay Area Newspaper. I bet many of you didn't know that i have been a regular columnist for this newspaper for about 4 1/2 years now.

Anyway, here's the link to the article. CLICK HERE Hope you enjoy the reading!! It is in honor of Bike To Work Week.


mindful mule said...

Hi Peanut,

I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Thanks for linking to your article. Do you mind if we copy it to the articles to promote cycling? We've got a lot of Bike Week events coming up this week, too, in Pasadena, CA. It should be fun.

Take care,

PEANUT said...

Hey jonah:
No problem. Just credit marin ij for it - with a link to the original article if possible.

Paul Tay said...

America already has the world's most advanced bikeways system in EVERY city. The problem? The price of gas is still way too LOW.

PEANUT said...

Hey Paul:
That's an interesting bit of information. I'm a little puzzled, though, because every city in USA i've visited (and that's a lot considering my cycling passion)was missing this "world's most advanced bikeways system" that you mention. What cities can i visit to find this system?

Paul Tay said...

Say, P-nut, take a real DEEP breath, let yer inner Critical Mass wild side LOOSE! You'll git it. For some people it may take longer than others to figure it out. Still, some people might need a few wacky tabaccky. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

he means the road of course. its just that there are too many cars on it due to the low price of motoring

Paul Tay said...

Yes, in MY perfect cycling world, petrol would be $10USD per LITER!

Anonymous said...

but such high petrol prices would mean that only the richer people would be able to afford to drive... like the kind of corporate w***ers who drive BMW SUV's while chatting on the phone and being oblivious to the existence of cyclists

i dont think that pricing is the key to reducing traffic. not sure what is, to be honest...

Paul Tay said...

Perhaps high gas prices is NOT the silver bullet to get more FAT asses on bikes.

But, I don't have a real big problem with making rich people subsidize good, clean roadway surfaces, relatively free of potholes.

Imagine 50% of the cagers get priced OFF the roadway. That means bicycles can take over 50% of the roadway. Imagine something like the I-80 cleared off 50% of the motor vehicle traffic. Man, DAT's a whole lotta real estate for bikes!