Saturday, July 5, 2008

Busy in Belgium

Next week is going to be super busy. Racing kicks up to about 3-7 events per week. Mom arrives for a 3-week visit which means it is time to clean the place, shop for normal food, move furniture around, and start wearing clothes when when on the computer in the living room. I have 4 (hopefully 5) articles and an outline due shortly. I need to find a haircutter that doesn't shave my face and cut one side longer than the other. Cyclo-Cross season needs to be planned. Since this is solden month in Belgium where the whole country goes on sale, I have to buy a skirt and maybe some foot covering other than sneakers to go with it. I tell people I just don't have any nice feminine clothes here - that it is all back in California - but the truth is that i cannot even remember the last time i wore a skirt that wasn't wraparound with a built-in chamois. Oops, I'd list more but i now have to pack my stuff and make pasta and coffee for my race today.

Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yay for Christine's Mum! We are the same when our parents visit, except for the "start wearing clothes when when on the computer in the living room" bit, i think that is just you... ;)

Have fun in the sales, I'll bet yoyu look great in a summer skirt.
Sounds like your Mum and Liz can enjoy the shopping as well as the bike racing?

Have a great race.

Rickie Rainwater said...

I don't think you even want to think about me at the computer like that, which is often just in the morning.... yikes!! I have been checking out the Tour de France and I love this time of year with regards to the tour. It is raining, but if it clears and doesn't look too dangerous, I will ride. I have had the blues lately. I rode with a lady that is a new member of the Tyson racing team, which I am not. I told her that she can only ride with me when she is extremely tired and sore.... ha! It is hard to ride with others as I get out of my own rhythm. Sometime it would be nice just to go at 12 miles an hour and shoot the breeze and not have that got to go fast mentality. But I will always have that yard dog mentality on the bike, just can't get that "I want to bite your tires thought out of my small mind." Enjoy. I had some bread and oatmeal for breakfast. I love bread!