Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Clean as a Whistle

What a weird expression. I wonder where it came from? Military reference perhaps?

Anyway, I showed up at Jan's house to find he was running late. As he pulled up on his bike, the first words he said was, "I need to wash my bike before we ride." HAHAHA. Someone's been reading my blog! For the whole ride, he took extra care to divert my delicate white prune kit and bike from harm's way - no mud, no fields, no streams, no forests. We did get to ride a bit of cobbles, though, which i quite enjoy!

Yesterday was our first truly warm day! It hit about 15 degrees C (i think 60 F) and the sun joined us for most of the 3 1/2 hour ride until the very end when it was time for it to retire. We first rode up and down the canal to get in some flat intervals, then we were off to the south into the French areas for hilly terrain. It still amazes me how a country can be completely divided into two languages with seemingly very little overlap (aside from Brussels which is located in the Flemish section but is French-only speaking.)

But even more exciting than the weather were my sensations on the bike. After a taxing cross season that lasted almost five months, I am finally excited to ride again - even excited to do intervals! This is such a difference from how i felt as recent as last week. I have to give my coach credit for turning me around in one week's time to get me ready for Het Volk! Genius. (God, i hope he doesn't read this entry for fear that he may suffer from dikkenek as a result!)

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

the first paragraph made me smile...then laugh!

PEANUT said...

glad to know!