Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yippidy Do Dah! Het Volk Here I Come!!!!!!

I just found out that i am confirmed to race Omloop Het Volk this Sunday! I am sooooooo thrilled! Since my team is focusing mainly on French races, they are not competing in Het Volk. But a team from Nederlands is allowing me to guest ride for them. I just got approval today from UCI that it is OK with them as well.
Well, gotta get to work on detailing the bike AND body for the big day. It's funny that this will be my first road race of the season. Wish me luck!!


Unknown said...

Goooooooooooood luck !!!!!!
... and watch out for the camera-lenses ;-)

Unknown said...

good luck!!!!!

from a CA Bella

Chris said...

That's awesome! Rock the cobbles!

Anonymous said...

yay! I am going to follow that race in cyclingnews and watch for ya! Het Volk - that is so!

good luck!

Anonymous said...

goooooo Christine!

geert said...


today on the news in belgium
Jonathan Page tekent contract van 2 seizoenen bij Sunweb - Pro Job

jonathan Page signs 2 year contract with sunweb- projob

very nice blog Christine

Dave Shishkoff said...

Woot! Good luck!!!

PEANUT said...

Wow, so many posts of well wishes!!! You guys ROCK!! THanks!!! Flandria, i figured you'd find it especially cool that i get to do het volk! Again, Yippee!!
Thanks for the info on jonathan. I am glad to hear it's finally settled! He deserves great support!