Friday, March 9, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

Just in case you haven't gotten enough of me from this blog, I have been interviewed twice over the last week.

Here are the links:
(I have been reading this website before I was interviewed by them, so it was an honor that they approached me for an interview.)

Organic Athlete Podcast
I have been a pro-activist for Organic Athlete for a few years now. The organization promotes a healthful plant-based diet for optimal athletic performance. In the past couple of years, it has grown to the point where they have a worldwide following and just created the first ever elite-level cycling team. Very cool. (Do keep in mind as you listen to it that i was truly delirious from exhaustion. Bradley from OA interviewed me the same day i returned from Training Camp. It was also the first time i attempted to speak real english - as opposed to the simple talk you tend to do when around people whose first language is not english. OK. enough said. You have been warned!)


Anonymous said...

how do you do it in Belgium! (being vegan) it's got to be tough.

I am vegan too and it tough enough here in SF Bay Area...

Go Vegan!

I am listening to the podcast - cool!

Anonymous said...

are you doing the Tour of Flanders?

PEANUT said...

Hey flandria:
It's easy to be vegan when you have unlimited prunes. And when i run out, i'll eat my clothes. Actually, being vegan here is just like anywhere else. it takes an adjustment period to figure out what is typically cooked with animals or its products. But once past it, I have had a relatively easy time. But being vegan here keeps me thinner than if i were back in CA where there are too many vegan dessert options available!
No tour of flanders. But as a consolation, i am racing Het Volk. My team is focusing on french races and RVV is conflict of interest with a French Cup. Even though i'm bummed, overall I am thrilled with my decision to race with the Prunes.

Anonymous said...

cool! Good luck and I really love reading your blog.

yeah, I know what you mean about those vegan desserts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the podcast link - this veg is always looking for more info.

Flandria, if I were living in SF (and, okay, was making bank), I'd eat every meal at Millenium . . .

Anonymous said...

I think that the musician in question [re: podcast] was Moby, and that the remark--in a VegNews article--was something to the effect that while carnivores are strangely limited in in their food choices, vegans see a huge range of choices whenever they walk into a grocery store. Almost every convert to a plant-based diet I have spoken with has had a similar experience: the palate, no longer desensitized by toxic husbandry pharmacology, high concentrations of pesticide, saturated fats, and protein overdose, opens up to nuances of flavor and texture that could not previously have been detected, much less appreciated. The idea that you're restricting yourself, limiting yourself, doing something reductive and chaste, just vanishes.
--E.C. Chamberlain

PEANUT said...

Well stated E.C.