Thursday, March 15, 2007

Got distracted...

Today is possibly our last nice day before rain and snow hits. As i'm diligently working on my projects in the living room I'm being hit by partial rays of sun. On a sunny day, this is not a good thing. I turned around to find that my windows are super dirty! It wasn't noticeable until the sun came out. OK. Projects halted. Must clean windows.

I never realized how scary and dangerous window cleaning can be. I live about three tall flights up and my windows are huge, requiring that i lean all the way out to clean all of it. While hanging out of the window, I lost my balance for a split second when the wind swung the window. It surely was a good test to see if my heart is in decent shape. And as i was stepping down onto the chair to get down, it flipped. Ugh. I bet more cyclists hurt themselves doing stupid stuff around the house than from riding their bikes. In fact, i think it was Jaja who broke three ribs while on a ladder changing a light bulb.

While i was up there, I also installed a simple curtain on one of the windows. Here's a photo of my finished window project. Now back to bike projects...but first, out for a ride!

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diskzero said...

Neat view. Looks very peaceful.