Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gearing up for CYCLO-CROSS

As of a few weeks ago I started racing on the road again to get my speedwork in for cyclo-cross season.  Motorpacing only gets me so far.  It also helps to get the racing rhythm dialed in, get my pre-race routine down and prepare my body for the pressure of racing - as my coach reminds me.

The first couple of races were a disaster in my opinion. Nothing clicked from my pre-race routine to the power in my legs.  But the last two thankfully went decisively better.  I even started to feel like a racer again, like i was part of the race instead of watching it happen around me.

There are a couple more road races to do before my first cross in Neerpelt, Belgium.  It is the first UCI race of the season for women so i expect most of the big gals to attend.  I may not be in cyclo-cross race shape (which i find to be completely different from road race shape) by this first one but at least I will have an idea of my starting point moving forward.

Even so, no matter the result, I expect it should be a lot of fun; not just the racing but the early season socializing!! It has been many months since I have seen most of the folks.  I'd bake cookies and hold a party for the first race but I'm trying to refrain from counting myself out before the race begins.  Knowing me, if i bake cookies, I'd eat about thirty cookies as my pre-race meal.  Sometimes i wish I sucked at baking...sometimes.

This weekend will be a full one for me.  Friday is my next race, then it's back home for a nap and out the door to the first of three party days in celebration of Nossegem's 900 year birthday.  This town is 5km from us and is where Jonas grew up.  Friday is the full-blown party, Saturday is a couple of concerts - one of Jonas' friends named UDO is performing, followed by one of my favorite belgian bands DE KREUNERS.  And on Sunday they are holding more parties, a tour of the town, and a parade where i get to heckle a few of my friends participating in it.

Stay tuned for details and photos from the weekend now that both Jonas and I now have cameras.

As always, thanks so much for reading!