Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Monday, June 6, 2011

BABOCO Training Camp

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Mountain Bike Race #2

by Danny Zelck
Well, result-wise it was not ideal. Even so, i had a great time and an even better workout. On the day before the race, Belgian MTB Marathon champ Kim Saenen kindly took me around the course to show me around. And on the day, Nancy Bober and her husband Andy saved a parking spot for us!

There were lots of other folks that i knew at the race which always makes it more fun. And thanks to all those who kindly cheered for me and took photos. Dat maakt mij heel blij!!

Next week is my first road race of the season. I go to Boutersem, BE Sunday, June 12. The elite men also race there so I expect the crowds to be thicker than normal. It is in an undulating section of Belgium so that should be fun.

The following week on June 18 i am back on the mountain bike for yet another "force-building" workout. It is held in Boom, BE - part of the Belgacom GP series.

On a completely different topic, it finally really rained today. The farmers (and our mini garden in the back) really needed it after a two-month drought. But now that the rain is gone, it is time to get on the bike! Till next post...