Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back at it again...

Since that fateful crash on my hip in Zolder World Cup, it's been a long road back to full health.  Even now I still have a dull pain in my hip and my power is probably not fully back.  BUT i will give it a little tester this Saturday at GVA Trofee Lille here in Belgium.  I figured, why not?  I learned that i wont be doing any further damage on my body and I'll get to play with others on the bike again. I really love racing! I love it more when i am doing well, but it's unfortunately still fun on days it doesnt go too well. 

Before the Peter Schepens
One such day was two weeks ago when i tried to race a bit too soon for my own good in Hoogerheide World Cup, the last round of the series.  Half-ass training on the road is one thing (all i was capable of at the time), but racing against the world's top riders on a heavy course with power climbs and ankle-deep mud is a whole different type of i was completely unprepared for.  After a lap, i pulled out of the race.  But that one lap i really cherished. I had an absolute blast.  A BIG part of the joy was easily thanks to the VERY LOUD cheers i got from a few groups of folks out there!!!! I cannot thank them enough for making my one lap a real pleasure.  THANKS GUYS for your cheers!!!! 

The very next day after this saturday's race, I have a speaking engagement at ECOPOP, Belgium's ecological fair.  I'm talking on the benefits of a vegan diet for the environment as well as for your health.  My friend J├╝rgen started a facebook page yesterday on my talk. Very kind of him!! He runs Organic Athlete's Belgium branch.

Directly afterwards, Jonas and I head over to Aalter to say hi to the team at the "Eetfeestje" (eating party) of our teammate Pieter de Meyer. He races for BABOCO on the road.

Before the weekend, Jonas and I have a very special day on Friday.  In the morning, while i do my training, Jonas will oversee the insulation of our roof.  Our house will be a warmer place!! 

And in the afternoon, a guy comes to give Jonas his prize.  A few weeks ago, Jonas entered one of those random contests where you can win a week in Germany to a case of wine - or something like that.  well, we got a call saying that Jonas gets his prize - and a wine tasting - tomorrow.  Jonas and i have a bet. He thinks it is a legitimate prize and i bet it's a sales pitch.  Anyone want in on the bet???

That's all for now. I gotta get back to working on my speech for ECOPOP and finish editing my feature interview on Nikki Harris for the CYCLOCROSS Magazine. It's gonna be a great read so dont forget to order your subscription to the magazine.  They also have online memberships where you get the magazine online for those of you who live outside the USA.