Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Offseason Tales

courtesy of Peter Meere
Sorry it's taken me a while to update my blog. I've been busy with training, going to the gym, random writing projects, training camp, and other time-heavy activities.

(The published story BABOCO Team training camp should be published soon on CYCLOCROSS Magazine . I will post the link as soon as it is published just in case you want to read a funny story on my adventures with an all boys team. )

But of all the events keeping me busy, it feels like the Flemish classes are the most exhausting! It's three times a week for 3.5 hours each, plus the extra hour to get there and back. And once i am back after 10pm, it's hard to go directly to sleep so i find myself up way too late doing nothing but mindlessly watching tv since i am too tired to do anything real at that time of night. bugger. 

The classes are done at the end of June so i cant really complain.  But after taking this one class, i cannot see how people would want to go back to school later in life. Taking tests suck. I always want to be perfect so it is way too much pressure. I have had two tests so far. the first was perfect, but the second had a mistake so naturally i was ready to quit the class. HAHA. (I should be happy considering it's an advanced class, but that doesnt offer any consolation.) It's amazing that i can bike race with my feelings towards being judged. Anyway...

Aside from the classes, i have been training hard while simultaneously recovering from that nagging pelvis/knee injury. Progress is slow but at least I see improvement.

As for my offseason racing, i decided to change it up this season with a few mtb cross country races. I just did my first race last weekend (albeit a bit too early for my fitness level). It was a real shock. I dont know how it happened but i forgot how to ride a mountain bike. Considering i used to do National and World Cup events in this discipline, I am embarassed that i am now a complete neophyte of sorts. 

No matter the outcome of the first race, the workout was great! I can easily see how it can be good cross training for cyclocross season.  With that said, i will try it again this Thursday. The only drawback is that the next race will be in front of a few thousand people instead of only a few hundred in attendance last weekend. Ugh. Hopefully the crowds will be kind...

Curious what other cross racers living here in Belgium are up to in the offseason? Check out my story on Tour of Belgium where i ran into a few of them such as Niels Albert, Zdenek Stybar, Tom Meeusen, Vincent Bastaens, and Radomir Simunek. CLICK HERE for the link.