Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On the Ground at Zolder World Cup

taken by Chris Claeye
It was "game over" early in the first lap.  Pity because i was actually feeling good about the race despite its treacherous nature as the course was covered with ice and snow.  My slip and fall on the icy pavement damaged my hip, causing me to immediately lose power in my right leg. With only one leg, it was as if i were pedaling only to the right side the whole time. i cannot even count how many walls, barriers, snowpiles, and fences i rode directly into. 

with only optimism on my side, i started the GVA Trofee's Azencross in Antwerpen three days later.  Again, my start was great and was feeling solid as i rode in 15th position until the benefit from all the massages, icings, stretches, and osteopath appointments the last days ran out.  Immediately both legs were without power thanks to an overcompensating lower back.  I quickly slid back in the peloton until i finally called it quits. 

taken by Krist Vanmelle
And again, three days later, with twice the amount of optimism i had in the previous race, Jonas and i headed out to Luxembourg to race the Hotel Threeland in Petange, LUX.  It is more like a mountain bike course - one big uphill, followed by a downhill.  And again, big mistake to attend.  Not even my start was good.  With a heavy uphill as a start, requiring lots of power, i was completely useless.  The downhills were just as bad since the jagged pain in my right him once again made my right leg useless, causing me to continuously turn to the right on straight lines.  i even managed to land in a ditch on one of the laps.  but i did finish - kind of.

the following day, with no optimism left, i sat the next race out.  Pity because it was Fidea's Tervuren right next door to our home.  I did, however, go to spectate.  What i found is that i really do not enjoy spectating a race that i really wanted to contest.  As a very very nice consolation prize, I was awarded with great company that evening.  Mo Bruno Roy, her husband Matt, and Lyne Lamoureux of Podium Insight joined me and Jonas for a nice dinner, drinks and bike race watching. 

My next event is Pont-Chateau World Cup in France scheduled for 2 weeks from now.  time will tell if i am healed enough to go.  If there is any doubt, then i will sit this one out - especially since it is something like an eight hour drive away!

If you want to read the more amusing version of my last week, it is published on CYCLOCROSS Magazine HERE.

Thanks for reading and hope you had a very nice holiday season.