Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And just in case my chosen path is too easy...

A couple of hours after returning from the Superprestige race in Gavere, my roommates barged into my room and stated, "We need to talk. This just isn't working out so you must leave." When I asked them for a reason, i got "we're just not clicking with you. " And when pressed for more detail, Piet said "Well you're too structured and clean, and we feel we can't be ourselves." I responded, "you mean your sloppy, unorganized selves?" , to which they responded, "yes, we know we have a lot to work on."
I'm sure i'll laugh more about it once i am moved into a new place. After a fitful sleep, I woke up feeling motivated that i will once again find a home, preferably no roommates.
By 5pm, I found a room two floors below me. Two large rooms, kitchen, even a stage for all my performances (most probably will be used to display my bikes and for rides on the trainer.) BUT toilet and shower across the hall. Compromises are made when living off a bike racer's earnings - to clarify, a female bike racer earnings!
I sign the contract thursday and move in friday. Saturday morning off to Gieten, Netherlands with Serge - my one-man pit crew, manager, driver, etc! I'm lucky.
Thanks for reading.


gewilli said...


well seems there was a bit of luck finding something that wasn't so far away eh?

Echelon said...

are you in the US? i can't beleive someone would complain that you are "too structured" or clean. i would think most would find this a blessing. anyways great racing! US nationals?

mtb05girl said...

Hey sweet blog!!

Gary said...


More turmoil. You have had a lot this season, on the personal side. Keep up the training and great racing. We have districts Sunday at Coyote Point, concurrent with the Pilarcitos finale. Keep doing well.

Betty & Gary